Announcing a New Book: The Bog Turtle

Announcing a New Book: The Bog Turtle

The Bog Turtle is a member of the large family Emydidae, the semi-aquatic pond and marsh turtles, which has some of the most colorful and diverse hard-shelled species in the world. Unfortunately, Bog Turtle populations have gradually declined throughtout their entire range owing to a combination of reasons.

This book provides in-depth natural history information on Bog Turtles, including their taxonomic backgrouncd, survival tactics, predators, repro­ductive biology, foraging habits and diet, habitat preferences, hibernation stategies, and conservation. Zappalorti will take you on a step-by-step journey to explore the life of this small and interesting turtle. Welcome to the secret world of the Bog Turtle.

The Bog Turtle is available on backorder, in paperback for $29.95, or for the limited-edition leather-bound copy for $79.95. Go here to order, or scan the QR code on the right. Spe­cify paperback or leather bound.

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Bog Turtle
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Robert Zappalorti holding the limited edition of
the leather-bound hard copy of his book

Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii)

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